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I started my knowledge journey in photography because of my love for people. The minutiae in expression was something I dreamed to capture myself. I find portrait photography a deeply personal art that requires to interiors: that of the photographer, and that of the one being photographed. Each shoot is unique, as each person's essence shines through the lens.



One of my more recent ventures, scenery photography is that style which defines an atmosphere, which captures the mood of a location. Architectural photography is, rather than capturing people, focused on capturing that which is made by them. Despite not having interiors, architecture does have personality, and it is up to the photographer to uncover it through photographs. Nature photography takes an objective view and turns it into an experience.


Here you will find collages and film I have created myself. Each collage is a compilation of all original photographs. Through collage creativity can truly shine, allowing for the greatest command on the image being produced. 

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